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17.4.2018 | Press releases

New Lumo homes to be built near excellent transport links in Kontula in cooperation with Fira

Lumo Kodit Oy is having 79 rental apartments built at Keinulaudankuja 2 in Kontula, Helsinki. The Lumo apartments are located next to Kontula’s shopping centre and metro station and will be completed in autumn 2019. The project is based on Fira’s and Kojamo’s project development agreement.

The new rental apartments are close to Kontula’s services and have good public transport links. For instance, the metro station, bus stops and a pedestrian and bicycle route are all nearby. The new apartments and infill development in the area as a whole increase the attractiveness of the environment. The rental apartments are mainly singles and the diverse shared facilities feature a laundry and a club room.

“The project is based on close zoning collaboration with authorities. Collaborative zoning enabled a good dialogue between the parties and, consequently, prerequisites could be created for a project that serves common interests. The project is more demanding than usually because, for instance, the pedestrian and bicycle bridge that passes over the metro track and leads to the block under construction needs to be shortened. Various traffic-related changes require all the parties to have patience and a particularly open attitude towards each other’s needs and requirements. Now all the pieces came together as planned and the project could be launched. I’m particularly delighted with this cooperation,” says Lauri Kaunisvirta, Project Development Director at Fira.

“The location of the Keinulaudankuja 2 rental apartments in Kontula is excellent, near services and transport links. This investment is a way to execute our mission: to create better urban housing. The location and a good service offering are important for making everyday life easier for residents,” comments Kim Jolkkonen, Real Estate Development Director at Kojamo.

Further information:

Kim Jolkkonen, Real Estate Development Director, Kojamo plc, tel. +358 20 508 3208
Lauri Kaunisvirta, Project Development Director, Fira, tel. +358 44 564 4872

Kojamo is the frontrunner in rental housing and real estate investments. It has undergone major renewals in recent years. The renewed Kojamo is able to provide better urban housing in a rapidly changing world. Kojamo is transforming Finnish society together with its customers, other companies, operators and cities.