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11.8.2016 | News

Lumo is developing its services for senior citizens: residents hope for company and help with everyday services

During the summer, Lumo has been investigating the need for senior citizens’ services. Two students of social and geriatric work contacted Helsinki-based Lumo inhabitants aged 70 and older and met them in their homes. The inhabitants were asked what kind of everyday help they would need to allow them to live at home for as long as possible. The meetings were considered a welcome sign of the landlord’s ability to listen and care. The inhabitants offered plenty of ideas for how to develop the services offered to support living at home. Most of the ideas concerned cleaning and sanitation, facilitating service use, reducing loneliness and improving communality.


Through random sampling, the pilot reached more than half of the Lumo inhabitants aged 70 and older in Helsinki. The project workers visited the homes of 102 inhabitants, and 97 inhabitants were contacted by phone. Of the participants, 66% were women in single households, 10% were men in single households and 24% were living in two-person households. The inhabitants primarily found their housing to be safe, and they were content with VVO Group as their landlord.

“The project was received well. The inhabitants were glad to see that their needs are being considered and opinions listened to. The seniors were happy to be contacted to discuss the issues,” states Pekka Kivistö, Customership Manager at VVO Group.

The help required by the inhabitants primarily concerned general cleaning, window cleaning and shopping. These service needs will be investigated further, and the development of Lumo services for senior citizens will continue during autumn 2016.

VVO Group’s Housing brand Lumo develops services through crowdsourcing and listening to the opinions of its inhabitants. Services based on this development include car sharing and the Lumo Kompakti housing concept published last spring.

More information:
Pekka Kivistö, Customership Manager, VVO Group plc,,
tel.: +358 20 50 83 711

Under the Lumo and VVO brands, VVO Group Plc offers versatile and effortless rental solutions coupled with an extensive range of housing services for different life situations. VVO Group aims to invest heavily in increasing housing supply in the next three years by developing new properties and buying existing properties.