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5.7.2021 | News

Lumo apartments are under construction on Runoratsunkatu and Uuno Kailaan katu in Vermonniitty – residents of certain apartments on the 16th floor can watch harness racing from their own balcony

Kojamo plc
Media release 5 July 2021 at 12.00 p.m.

Construction is progressing quickly at the Vermonniitty residential area near Espoo’s Leppävaara district. A total of 267 new Lumo rental apartments are under construction on Runoratsunkatu and Uuno Kailaan katu. The new apartments will be completed in November–December. Folk poetry on the facade of the property on Runoratsunkatu makes it stand out from its environment.

The Vermonniitty area in Espoo is perhaps still unknown to many, but this will soon change. Designed for 6,000 residents, Vermonniitty’s attractive features include green areas, sports facilities, a shopping and sports centre as well as excellent transport connections. The sea is only a stone’s throw away and the famous Vermo harness racing track is also located in the area.

New Lumo homes will be completed in Vermonniitty in November–December. The first property to be completed is Runoratsunkatu 11 at the beginning of November. Its facade is decorated by poetry taken from the national epic Kalevala.

“We chose folk poetry from Kalevala for the building’s facade to bring a warm traditional element to this modern building. The idea came from the name of the street and we felt that poetry from Kalevala is a good fit with the pattern on the upper floors, which is inspired by wood shingles,” says Graphic Designer Annika Jaakkola from Jaakkola Arkkitehdit.

“The patterns on the street level also make it easy for the residents to tell people which building they live in – the one with poetry on it. In a developing residential area, even small unique details make it easier to find your way around the neighbourhood. We have heard that a lot of passers-by have already stopped to take a closer look at the building’s facade.”

The 16-storey building is part of a block of four towers. All of the Lumo apartments on Runoratsunkatu have a 100 Mbps broadband internet connection included in the rent. Some of the units on the top floor also have balconies with views of the harness racing competitions at the nearby Vermo track.

Uuno Kailaan katu 4 will be completed soon after the property on Runoratsunkatu, at the beginning of December. The buildings are 5–8 storeys high and there is a pleasant inner courtyard with green areas, a playground and space to play games. Each apartment has a glazed or French balcony, and three of the apartments also have a roof terrace.

“Vermonniitty is a great neighbourhood for Lumo homes. The area is undergoing rapid development and the residents of our apartments will play a pioneering role in creating the local community. We expect the area to attract urban people with active lifestyles who enjoy nature and the proximity of services. The residents will get to watch their neighbourhood develop and flourish,” says Sales Director Ville Kilpi from Lumo homes.

Transport connections are one of the biggest advantages of Vermonniitty: trains take you from Leppävaara to Helsinki in 13 minutes, while the future Jokeri Light Rail service will offer convenient access from a local stop in Vermonniitty to various parts of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The nearby attractions also include Leppävaara Sports Park and the beautiful landscapes of Tali. The charming Munkkiniemi beach is also a short bicycle ride away from Vermonniitty.

The new homes can be rented directly through the Lumo webstore

The 130 Lumo homes at Runoratsunkatu 11 and the 88 Lumo homes at Uuno Kailaan katu 4 are now available for rent in the Lumo webstore. The apartments can be rented immediately and there is no need to submit a separate application. The Lumo homes in Vermonniitty will be ready for their residents in November and December 2021.

Visit the Lumo webstore to browse vacant rental apartments in Vermonniitty:

Runoratsunkatu 11, Espoo:

Uuno Kailaan katu 4, Espoo:

Media enquiries: Ville Kilpi, Sales Director, Kojamo plc, tel. +358 20 508 3407,

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