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16.3.2016 | News

Lumo and Innokampus work together to develop new housing services

Innokampus gives young people the opportunity to participate in the development of housing services for VVO Group’s Lumo brand. VVO Group believes that the enthusiasm of young people makes work creative and fun, which produces good results. Young Innoagents will bring enthusiasm to the development and strengthening of the Lumo brand and Lumo services.

Innokampus is a think tank for young people and a national network for crowdsourced innovation. Innokampus uses crowdsourced innovation to produce hundreds of innovative ideas and initiatives quickly, efficiently and nationwide. The innovations are refined to develop concepts for products and services. Crowdsourced innovation is aimed at companies and brands that have the courage to challenge their views and outsource innovative thinking to a new generation.

“Young people will soon enter the housing market and move to their first own home. They have the best insight into how they want to live and what kinds of housing services they should be offered to make housing an experience,” says Mikko Pöyry, Development Director at VVO Group plc.

Housing innovation through the eyes of a new generation

VVO Group challenges young people to generate ideas for new housing services and create new kinds of tenant cooperation and communality around housing companies, city blocks and neighbourhoods. Another area that will be explored is how a stronger sense of community in housing could manifest itself nationally and digitally. VVO Group has positive prior experiences from engaging young people in generating ideas, for example with summer workers.

“Housing is a key area for Innokampus and we intend to place significant focus on it in the coming years. It is important to include the voices and brains of young people in planning processes at a time of major transformation in the big themes related to housing,” says Mika Koivula, Director at Innokampus.

The collaboration between VVO and Innokampus will culminate in InnoDay, the world’s largest event for crowdsourced innovation involving young people. On 11 May 2016, some 10,000 young people from across Finland will gather in Hartwall Arena in Helsinki to share their ideas. At the InnoDay event, the young participants will solve challenges from 100 companies and find inspiration to make their own dreams come true.

The highlight of the InnoDay event will be an innovation show in which the sharpest young minds and best business ideas will receive awards from Hjallis Harkimo’s Business Campus. Hartwall Arena will also be full of inspiring coaching corners that provide young people with tools for generating ideas and achieving business success. For further details on the event, please refer to
More information:

Mikko Pöyry, Development Director, VVO Group plc, tel. +358 (0)400 870 689
Mika Koivula, Director, Innokampus, tel. +358 (0)50 388 8770

Under the Lumo and VVO brands, VVO Group Plc offers versatile and effortless rental solutions coupled with an extensive range of housing services for different life situations. VVO Group aims to invest heavily in increasing housing supply in the next three years by developing new properties and buying existing properties.