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21.9.2020 | News

Kojamo invests in creating carbon sinks in addition to growth centres

Kojamo will celebrate the global Zero Emissions Day on 21 September 2020 by compensating the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the impacts of its employees’ work on the planet’s day off. It will do this by creating a new carbon sink in Finland through afforestation.

Kojamo will participate in Zero Emissions Day 2020 by contributing to the afforestation of a new carbon sink in Finland. The carbon sink is large enough to cover the carbon dioxide emissions caused by all of Kojamo’s employees’ work during Zero Emissions Day. In addition, to mitigate climate change, Kojamo will plant more than 300 saplings, one for each employee.

The compensation will be implemented in cooperation with Reforest Finland Oy. The saplings will be planted in Kangasala in the spring 2021 and their growth will then be monitored through Reforest’s map service. The trees will be allowed to grow undisturbed for at least 60 years.

“We selected the Finnish company Reforest as our partner in the compensation project because they were able to prove that their compensation model is reliable and genuinely good for nature, combined with viewpoints important for us, such as domestic origin and concrete long term action to mitigate climate change. This model will again allow our personnel to participate in a significant project,” says Hannamari Koivula, Manager, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Kojamo.

Reforest – acting for a cleaner future

Reforest Finland Oy creates new carbon sinks in Finland through responsible and transparent afforestation of wasteland and non-productive land. Reforest’s carbon sinks are created on non-productive land owned by municipalities and cities, where natural afforestation has not taken place. The carbon-binding capacity of the afforested area is based on carbon sink calculations by Natural Resources Institute Finland, which take account of the conditions of the planting area and the tree species to be planted. The calculations are made for a 60-year growth period. 

“We are excited about this cooperation and would like to challenge other companies to follow suit, by participating both in Zero Emissions Day and creating carbon sinks, like Kojamo does,” says Atte Borgenström, Chief Executive Officer at Reforest Finland Oy.

Zero Emissions Day – the planet’s day off

The aim of Zero Emissions Day, a campaign led by Climate Leadership Coalition, is to give the planet a break from the use of fossil fuels, pay attention to the climate impacts of individual choices and inspire people to make more sustainable consumption choices. This year, ZeDay is celebrated on Monday, 21 September 2020. 

Kojamo is a member of Climate Change Coalition and committed to increasing awareness of issues related to climate change mitigation in business operations. By providing practical tips and arranging various events and campaigns, Kojamo actively encourages employees and residents of Lumo homes to engage in wise climate action in their everyday lives.


For more information, please contact:

Hannamari Koivula, Manager, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Kojamo plc, tel. +358 40 581 9921,

Atte Borgenström, Chief Executive Officer, Reforest Oy, tel. +358 40 450 7660, 


Kojamo is Finland’s largest private residential real estate company and a frontrunner in the housing business. Our mission is to create better urban housing. The Lumo brand provides environmental-friendly housing and services in Finland’s biggest growth centres. We actively develop the value of our investment properties by developing new properties and our existing property portfolio. We want to be the property market frontrunner and the number one choice for our customers. Kojamo’s shares are listed on the official list of Nasdaq Helsinki. For more information, please visit

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