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20.1.2017 | News

A neat waste disposal area is a joy for residents

Vilma Manner is VVO Group’s environmental and energy specialist. She took over in August 2016 from Ayla Dincay, who is on study leave. Vilma graduated from Oulu University of Applied Sciences as an HVAC Engineer in January 2016, and before coming to VVO worked as an HVAC planner in the city of Jyväskylä.

In the course of her first months with us Vilma has noticed that one of the most important factors in quality living is functional waste management. And VVO Group does a lot of work in this area. However, good results come about only through joint effort, since clever waste management is a team game.

Neatness is safety

The state of the waste disposal area has a concrete effect on the living experience. When the waste disposal area is in order, taking out the garbage is no trouble and the yard remains clean.

A messy waste disposal area or shed makes refuse collection difficult.

– In the worst-case scenario, the shed is left unemptied if it has been used wrongly or if it has been filled with heavy and large items that should properly be brought to the landfill or for recycling.

A messy waste disposal area is also a health risk. Dirty or rotting waste should be kept in closed containers. Untidiness and dirt also attract mice and rats.

– Sometimes there can be exceptional situations where there is more mixed waste than normal, such as when people are moving out at the end of a month or at Christmas. In such cases, one should call the maintenance company or house manager to order waste collection sooner than usual.
Cooperation brings results

The work related to waste disposal areas begins with proper planning. Waste disposal areas are always planned so as to be situated where there is easy access for both residents and waste collectors. They are also designed to be sufficiently roomy and bright. Sorting instructions must be prepared, as must directions for the maintenance personnel who keep the waste collection areas in order. The number of waste containers and intervals between emptying must also be optimised. In addition to the everyday routines involved with waste collection sheds, from time to time a garbage skip must be ordered for special situations. The head of the house committee helps with this.

– In other words, we try to create the right conditions for waste management, and the rest is in the residents’ hands. The best solution for all concerned is when each and every resident takes the time to read and follow the instructions provided in the waste disposal area, and when everyone takes care to sort each type of waste into the appropriate container.

As Vilma says, waste management doesn’t demand much more than a bit of common sense and a little bit of effort to do the right thing oneself. After all, the power of example can go a long way.

Don’t dump, recycle

Usually, reductions in the amount of waste produced and promoting recycling of packaging materials are helped along significantly by efficient waste management and a waste disposal area that is kept neat and tidy. Food wastage can be reduced by simple measures such as making smaller amounts and freezing leftovers.

A useful tip is to make use of the popular online auctioning site, which has a section called Annetaan (Giving away). By making use of this free service, practically any unwanted item can find a new home. Sorting stations are also important in this regard, and your nearest one can easily be found through an online search. The Lumo joint use vehicles can be used by those who don’t have a car for hauling larger items to the sorting station or recycling centre.

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