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29.3.2021 | News

57 Lumo rental apartments under construction next to the iconic Pohjola building – Lapinmäentie 10 represents Scandinavian elegance

Kojamo plc Press release 29 March 2021 at 12:30 p.m.

The legendary Pohjola building, which used to be the largest office building in Finland back in its heyday, is a classic example of 1960s architecture. The new apartment buildings under construction in the area will breathe new life into the surrounding landscape. The Lumo homes at Lapinmäentie 10, which will be completed in the autumn, are perfect for people who value Scandinavian style and quality.

The iconic status of the Pohjola building is well-deserved. At the time of its completion in 1969, the building was the largest office building in Finland. Under its roof you could find, for example, the printing house of the insurance company whose name it bears, a polyclinic and two full-size swimming pools. The tower part of the building is protected and is intended to remain in office use in the future, while new services are being planned at its base.

The new buildings under construction in the area will breathe new life into the surroundings of the office building. One of them is Lapinmäentie 10, which is the site of 57 urban Lumo apartments, to be completed in the autumn. The apartments will be located on seven floors and will come in all in sizes, from singles to three-room and even four-room apartments. The lush parks, excellent transport links and Munkkivuori’s services make it a convenient, high-quality place to live.

“Lapinmäentie 10 is already a fantastic address thanks to the historical office building alone. The new buildings and their residents will breathe new life into the area. When designing this Lumo property, we wanted to pay special attention to Scandinavian elegance and honour the surrounding architecture,” says Lumo Sales Director Ville Kilpi.

The significance of location and services is becoming increasingly highlighted in people’s housing needs.

“The Lapinmäentie property is a great example of a location where excellent transport links to the Helsinki city centre and different parts of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area meet with the natural environment and services that are nearby. These homes are for urban residents who want to live in a central location with great transport links, comprehensive local services and excellent opportunities for outdoor activities.”

The apartments have large windows, and the corner apartments get light from several directions. The shared facilities are designed to serve many needs: the building has large storage units, a free washing room, sauna facilities and an indoor car park with almost 30 parking spaces.

New homes now available for renting easily in the webstore

The 57 new homes at Lapinmäentie 57 are now available to rent in the Lumo webstore. The apartments can be rented through the webstore immediately, and there is no need to submit a separate application. The new Lumo homes in Munkkivuori will be ready to move into in autumn 2021.

See available rental apartments in Munkkivuori in the Lumo webstore:

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