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20.1.2016 | Blogs

Puzzled by Less Power?

What do you do if you are a young person whose plans of moving into a shared apartment with a friend are cancelled at the last minute, after you have already terminated your lease?

What do you do if you are offered a great job opportunity that is hundreds of kilometres from where you currently live? Will you have the courage to take on a new challenge if you are uncertain about where you will live?

What if you are a woman who has a nice place to live but still dreams of that fabulous home that satisfies your every wish?

Will you turn to the morning paper to check out the “apartments for let” section? Will you fill out applications for rental housing and get in line to see if the landlords will be kind enough to put you in their favour?

“Who is the best expert when it comes to housing?”

Housing in Finland is changing, and people’s needs and wishes are becoming increasingly diverse. The old ideal of having your very own house with a potato patch is not for everyone. The burden of debt and responsibility for property that an owner-occupied home brings is often incompatible with modern lifestyles that prioritise flexibility, freedom, convenience and international experiences. Can the Finnish rental housing market respond to the growing need for flexibility, speed and convenience?

In this digital era, people want to have access to services right from their own living rooms. Housing is no different in this regard. Our new service gives you concrete access to the best aspects of living in rental housing. It allows anyone at any time to go online, find a Lumo rental apartment, rent it and move in as soon as the next day. The power and freedom of choice has shifted to the tenant!

So, not puzzled by having less power over something that our clients know best. On the contrary!

Jani Nieminen
CEO, VVO Group

VVO Group plc is Finland’s largest private-sector landlord, offering good rental solutions coupled with Lumo housing services.

We invite you to learn more about the views of housing industry professionals regarding current phenomena in housing, as well as good housing and what it is like to work in these areas. The blog provides a communication platform for Kojamo Group experts and employees, as well as our tenants and cooperation partners.

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Jani Nieminen, CEO, VVO Group

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