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24.10.2016 | Blogs

Let’s keep in touch!

VVO Group develops comfortable living and housing services with regular resident surveys and research. Surveys are sent to new customers, those who have contacted the customer service, and residents who have already lived in their apartments for some time. This is our way of ensuring that Lumo housing is developed by listening to customers’ wishes and that its quality is both maintained and improved. One of the key objectives of the housing investment company is to deliver the best customer experience.

Customer service, building management and maintenance is evaluated in continuously executed surveys for new customers. The primary purpose of the survey is to find the right track for housing from the very beginning. It is used to ensure that everything is as it should be in the new home and that living in the home has the best possible start. Listening to the residents’ first impressions also lowers the threshold of contacting customer service and, through that, other services such as building management.

The survey for new customers is also used to receive contact requests from customers that are delivered directly to the operative units. The customer may, for instance, ask for some painting tools for styling the apartment or need a new handle to open a window as the old one is missing. Requests and inquiries are often very usual issues related to everyday living and can be dealt with quite quickly.

The results received from the survey for new customers are primarily good or very good. For instance, the customer service offered during the renting event scored 4.27/5 in the most recent survey. Customer service contacts after the move were also considered efficient and scored 4.21/5.

The survey for new customers reveals that most of customers are satisfied with the renting, living and housing services. The survey has been conducted for seven years.

NPS indicator shows the quality of customer service

The customer service of VVO Group also measures the quality of its produced services on the basis of service experiences. This “vibe indicator” of everyday customer service work does its part in guiding the development of operations and directing the use of customer service resources.

The NPS score of Lumo customer service between 1 June and 4 October was 65, which is a very good and welcome number. After all, the customer service NPS indicator evaluates the customer’s willingness to recommend the company on the basis of received service, which means that the customer answers a much more critical question than, for instance, “What did you think of our services?” The Lumo customer service system was renewed in the spring, and its objective is to cut the waiting time of the customer even shorter in both the telephone queue and in e-mail responses. Delightfully, this has already been realised.

Keeping in touch has intrinsic value
Every year, VVO Group executes an extensive client satisfaction survey. In the survey of 2016, the clients consider the excellent locations and quality of the apartments our key strength. The majority of the respondents, 71%, considered the quality of the apartments very or quite competitive. The corresponding figure from the previous year was 70%.

According to the respondents, the comfort of the home and suitable living costs are the key factors in terms of housing. The apartment itself, the peacefulness of the housing, and the neighbours were considered the strengths of current housing. Issues related to the condition of the apartment and the level of rent were mentioned as areas in need of further development.

Ensuring the quality of operations and services is important to us. We use research and surveys to collect information on how we are doing, but in addition to that, the results prove that keeping in touch is also important. It shows that we care. Residents who have stayed in touch with us have been more satisfied than others, which means that taking care of daily issues and dialogue creates satisfaction.

Let’s keep in touch!

Juha Heino

The blogger is the Director of Customer Relations at VVO Group

VVO Group plc offers rental apartments and housing services in Finnish growth centres. The vision of the housing investment company is to be a pioneer in housing and the customer´s number-one choice. At VVO Group, we will invest heavily in increasing our housing supply by 2021 by developing new properties and buying existing properties.

We invite you to learn more about the views of housing industry professionals regarding current phenomena in housing, as well as good housing and what it is like to work in these areas. The blog provides a communication platform for VVO Group experts and employees, as well as our tenants and cooperation partners.

The writer

Juha heino, Director of Customer Relations, VVO Group

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