Annual Report 2020

In our Annual Report, you will find the most relevant information on our business operations, operating environment and strategy progress. In addition, we report comprehensively on our work related to sustainability.

Key figures in 2020

Total revenue



2019: 375.3 €M, +2.3%

Funds from operations (FFO)



2019: 140.7 €M, +7.7%

Fair value of investment properties



2019: 6.3 €Bn, +9.6%

“During the year, we were able to achieve profitable growth in line with our strategy in spite of the exceptional circumstances.”

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Sustainability programme defines the next steps for future years

In December 2020, we published our sustainability programme, which sets out the focus areas of our sustainability work, and created both long-term and short-term targets and measures for our sustainability work in the coming years. In addition to our long-term sustainability work, the programme is based on the materiality analysis of sustainability conducted at the beginning of 2020.

We reported on the progress of our sustainability work in 2020 even more comprehensively than before. The report was formulated in accordance with the Core requirements of the GRI Standards.

Responsibility key figures in 2020

Carbon footprint

kg CO2e/m3



Net Promoter Score




Indirect employment effect




Responsibility plays even more important role in investment decisions

Our mission at Kojamo is to create better urban housing and we want to do this in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Responsibility is an increasingly important criterion in our decisions concerning investments, i.e. new construction projects and property acquisitions.

“Our goal is to be carbon-neutral in terms of energy consumption by 2030. Going forward, we will also focus increasingly on low-carbon construction and reducing the carbon footprint of construction materials,” says Hannamari Koivula, Manager, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Kojamo.

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