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30.8.2016 | News

VVO Group thanks the summer workers for their input into developing Lumo ser-vices

VVO Group recruited over 40 employees for this summer around Finland. This spring, the company received a record number of summer job applications, over 4,000, and, as in previous years, the number of summer workers recruited was almost 15% of the total number of staff. This year, too, the summer workers were closely involved in teams and engaged in generating ideas for future housing. Before starting the autumn season, the company collected information about the experiences gained in the past summer months and recognised everyone for their valuable input into the development of Lumo services.

VVO Group develops Lumo services through crowdsourcing and genuinely wants to hear the summer workers’ views in the planning of today’s and tomorrow’s housing. The Management Group dedicates time to listening to summer workers’ opinions and is involved in direct personal interaction with them. By investing in summer workers’ satisfaction, skills and development ideas, the company offers high-quality customer service also during holidays.

“We are looking for true talents, but also for enthusiastic persons who dare to throw themselves also into demanding tasks. We do not have separate tasks for summer workers; instead, they carry out the same work as our permanent employees. For this reason, a passion for customer service is as important as previous experience or learned skills: it helps you to have a deeper insight into our organisation and industry operations,” comments Reponen.

CEO Jani Nieminen arranged an innovation day for summer workers this summer, too. During this day, the summer workers went through the innovation proposals they had come up with during the summer. In addition, they also had a chance to share their views on customer experience and generate ideas about developing the company’s employer image.

The Management Group assessed the more than 40 ideas received from summer workers. Ten development proposals were granted a monetary award and everyone who had submitted their ideas received a movie ticket as a thank you for their commitment.

“Summer workers always give us fresh information about how future generations think. That is crucially important for us as the developers of future housing. I hope that we, in turn, have been able to provide these smart young people with an experience of working life that carries them forward and helps them to build a career. Many thanks to all summer workers – you are the spice of the evolving working life!” says Reponen.

Further information:

HR Manager Eeva Reponen, VVO Group plc, tel. +358 20 508 3264, eeva.reponen(at)

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