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13.2.2017 | News

VVO Group – an inspiring place to work

VVO Group plc has been named one of Finland’s most inspiring places to work in 2017. The recognition is awarded to businesses that achieve the highest rating in the PeoplePower® personnel survey conducted by Corporate Spirit.

The PeoplePower® survey seeks staff views on job satisfaction, team working, leadership and the employer organisation as a whole. The award speaks volumes about VVO Group’s commitment to investing in their organisational development by listening to their staff on core issues that really matter to the business. Staff are enthusiastic, motivated and committed to working towards company aims and goal.

“In recent years, we have introduced big changes at VVO Group. Our new status as a property investment company and the launch of our Lumo brand have meant that there have been many new things for our staff to absorb. It has been great to see that they have retained their spirit, can-do attitude and a genuine desire to continue to develop the business further. Amidst all the change, they have made a truly great contribution and really thrown themselves into their work, which is particularly important for us right now. That is why the Finland’s most inspiring places to work 2017 award means so much to us,” Erik Hjelt, CFO at VVO Group, said.

Working together

VVO Group’s new and updated strategy and values have been taking shape, in close consultation with staff, in the course of 2016. Our values, Happy to serve, Strive for success and Courage to change, find their tangible expression in a number of highly varied and challenging job roles across our organisation. VVO has set out to be the number-one choice for rental housing, which calls for continuous organisational change and development. We are working together with great drive and enthusiasm to discover even better construction solutions, housing services, sustainable innovations and ways to provide first rate customer experiences. Our excellent workplace atmosphere drives our customer service-oriented approach.

“What really matters at VVO Group is that we all work together in a positive way. Our whole business ethos is reflected in our values and in this outside recognition we have received. We are delighted and extremely proud.”

VVO Group plc offers rental apartments and housing services in Finnish growth centres. The vision of the housing investment company is to be a pioneer in housing and the customer’s number-one choice.