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11.5.2017 | News

Use of webstore for rental apartments increasing fast

The number of tenancy agreements signed through the Lumo webstore is growing rapidly. In early 2017, the number of tenancy agreements signed through the webstore for apartments in the Helsinki area alone has increased by 180% compared to last year. Similarly, in Tampere, the number of agreements has increased by 122% and in Oulu by 183% in one year. In total, approximately 1,600 tenancy agreements have already been signed through the service, which was launched in autumn 2015.

Customers who sign tenancy agreements online are typically those moving to a new city after changing jobs. The service is excellent for this specific target group, as the webstore is an easy way to get the apartment you want without having to endure apartment viewings and filling in applications. The customer selects the apartment through the service and makes the decision on whether or not they want to rent the apartment. If the customer wants the apartment, they will have it. Simple and easy.

The tenancy agreement can be reached without dealing with applications, security deposits or too much waiting, and the customer can make their decision through their mobile device on their own sofa. It might even be possible to move in on the next day!

Renting online is risk-free, as the agreement includes a satisfaction guarantee, which means that the customer can cancel the agreement free of charge if the apartment does not live up to expectations. Thanks to comprehensive photographic material and accurate marketing texts, only a few cancellations have been made through the service after its launch.

The next peak in the webstore is expected in the summer when students rush to the rental market. They will no longer have to travel back and forth between their home cities and the place of study to view apartments, as now they can find an apartment on their mobile phone, regardless of time and place.

The Lumo webstore is being constantly developed in cooperation with our customers, and the service will be further improved with features and additional services that will enhance the customer experience. The marketing of rental apartments now takes place only online.

VVO Group is now Kojamo. Kojamo plc focuses on real estate investments in Finland, renewing rental housing in order to make it increasingly attractive. The vision of the housing investment company is to be a pioneer in housing and the number-one choice for customers.