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17.3.2017 | News

Tommy Lindqvist selected as VVO Group’s Property Manager of the Year 2017

Every year, VVO Group crowns its best property manager, based on who has the highest score in the Laaki property maintenance quality control system. The Property Manager of 2017 is Tommy Lindqvist, who takes care of the Group’s properties in Tuusula in the service of the company Kiinteistöhuolto Reilax Oy.

Rewarding property managers annually is a part of VVO Group’s property quality control system Laaki. Nearly 100 property managers from some 30 property maintenance companies around Finland participated in the quality competition. The Laaki property quality control system has been used since 2010, and the Property Manager of the Year was first awarded in 2011.

“Every year, one person is awarded the title of Property Manager of the Year, but we simultaneously want to thank all the property managers in our properties, as their work is particularly important for both our inhabitants and our buildings,” says Pasi Kujansuu, Lifecycle Management Unit Director.

“Tommy Lindqvist’s work has been persistently excellent, as he has finished in the top-three every year throughout the life span of Laaki. At best, the property manager is familiar with both the inhabitants of a building and the building’s qualities. It is fantastic that Tommy and the other property managers at Reilax work so hard to ensure that our inhabitants enjoy their home year after year.”

Kiinteistönhuolto Reilax Oy the best property maintenance company once more

Property maintenance company Kiinteistönhuolto Reilax Oy has been number one in the company series for several consecutive years. Kiinteistönhuolto Reilax Oy is in charge of property maintenance in VVO Group’s properties in the Järvenpää-Kerava-Tuusula area, and the company has already been awarded the title of Best Property Maintenance Company two years in a row.

Reilax Oy CEO Pasi Varjalehto says that thanks for the good results are due to the entire team, and offers an explanation for the long-term success.

“We trust our own skills and are determined to work hard for good results. However, it is still important to maintain a sort of agility and flexibility. Good results in Laaki require a lot from the entire team, from office workers to outdoor area maintenance. In addition to successful team work, our strengths lie in learning from one another.”

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