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7.4.2016 | News

Plastic recycling to be piloted at VVO Group’s Lumo properties

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY will launch a limited trial in May 2016 to collect recycled plastic packaging waste from participating properties. Approximately 11 VVO Group properties will participate in the trial in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Examples of plastic packaging waste include shampoo bottles, yogurt cups, plastic bags and packaging waste from cold cuts, cheese and ready-to-eat meals.

The collection of energy waste will be replaced by the collection of plastic packaging waste at the participating properties. HSY will replace the old stickers on energy waste containers with new ones to indicate what can be disposed of in the collection containers for plastic packaging. Residents of the participating properties will also receive waste sorting instructions during the spring.

The trial will run until autumn 2017. During the trial period, HSY will monitor the collection process and its outcomes. The collection of plastic packaging waste may be continued if the collected plastic waste is in line with the instructions provided and suitable for use in industry as raw material.

Plastic packaging to be used as raw material for new products

The producer association Suomen Uusiomuovi Oy (Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd) is in charge of reutilising plastic packaging waste. The association represents businesses that pack or import plastic packages to Finland. Plastic packaging will be collected for use as raw material for new products. This helps reduce the need for virgin plastic raw material in production activities.

The collection of energy waste at HSY’s customer properties will be discontinued by the end of April 2016. In the event that a property does not wish to participate in the collection of plastic packaging waste, HSY will replace the energy waste collection containers with mixed waste containers.

More information:

Ayla Dincay, Energy and Environment Specialist, VVO Group plc, tel. +358 (0)20 508 3313, firstname.lastname(at)

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