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29.12.2017 | News

Lumo looks after the well-being of its senior residents

Kojamo offers well-being services for the elderly residents of Lumo homes. The experiment involves seven Lumo senior apartment houses, and it is carried out in co-operation with the physiotherapy company Fysios.

The residents within the scope of this experiment will now have the opportunity to invest in well-being with support from their lessor. The first well-being lecture was held in December in Kerava, where Hanna Markkula, a physiotherapist at Fysios, talked about the well-being services that will be offered to the senior residents of Lumo homes.

In addition to the lecture on well-being, residents can order a physiotherapist for a free-of-charge home visit, order personalised physiotherapy carried out at home and participate in group exercise classes. In the Porvoonkatu building in Kerava, it was decided that the exercise classes will be held in the building’s club room.

When physiotherapists make home visits, they will collect information on the everyday needs of elderly people. The idea behind the provision of well-being services is to help senior residents continue living in their own homes for as long as possible. The objective of exercise classes is to maintain good physical condition. The classes have been planned on the basis of the wishes and needs of participants.

Post-Christmas exercise is marked in everyone’s calendar

Markkula encourages elderly people to take part in group exercise, but she also emphasises the importance of daily physical activity.

– The minimum amount of physical activity during one week is 2.5 hours. Cleaning, gardening and berry picking are examples of physical activity. The key is to discover which physical activity suits you best, as then you will accumulate the hours without even noticing.

The senior residents of Lumo homes in Kerava were already eagerly making bookings for the group exercise classes. After Epiphany, it is time to start with some post-Christmas exercise to burn off all those Christmas calories.

Markkula also recalls the importance of individual rehabilitation. Physiotherapy can prevent the deterioration of physical activity caused by aging and promote home-based survival.

– Individual physiotherapy can be used to promote rehabilitation, for example after surgery or a decrease in the functional capacity of the disease, improve muscular strength, balance and general condition, prevent overturns, relieve pain, refresh memory, and facilitate other musculoskeletal disorders. There are many benefits, Markkula lists.

Better urban housing

Kojamo invites companies to develop services for better urban housing. The objective is to improve the comfort of living and the customer experience together with other parties. Further information:

For more information, please contact

Pekka Kivistö, Customer Account Manager, Lumo homes, tel. +358 20 508 3711

Hanna Markkula, Fysios
Tel. +358 50 303 4686

Kojamo is the frontrunner in rental housing and real estate investments. It has undergone major renewals in recent years. The renewed Kojamo is able to provide better urban housing in a rapidly changing world. Kojamo is transforming Finnish society together with its customers, other companies and operators, and cities.