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16.11.2017 | News

Kojamo invites companies to develop services for better urban housing

Digital housing services and the potential of smart homes improve the comfort of living and the customer experience. Kojamo now invites companies to develop new housing services and opens the Lumo brand as an innovation platform for service-development.

  • To be able to better meet our customers’ wishes for better urban housing, we are now inviting companies to develop services that make everyday life easier. Our goal is to turn innovation collaboration into new services that customers can choose according to their wishes and needs. Car sharing and Lumo caretakers are good examples of the services that we are already providing in collaboration with our partners, explains Jani Nieminen, CEO.

New services are based on the understanding of individual urban housing needs and desires. Cleaner or personal trainer services and a shared car in a nearby parking lot may already be included in the rental agreement.

  • We know that these services are welcomed by city dwellers, and there has been a lot of interest shown in services like car, bicycle, facility and laundry sharing. More and more urbanites are interested in having a home combined with services in a location that suits the owner. The services make everyday life easier and meet the individual needs of customers in central or suburban environments, says Juha Heino, Director of Customer Relations.

The objective is to see some new innovative services in 2018. The intention is to develop new services for the portfolio, both common services for all customers and services tailored to meet individual requirements.

Changing the purpose to create homes in city centres

The current trend in the rental market is living right in the centre of cities. Suburbs are also popular because of their community feel and the opportunities they offer for outdoor activities. In addition to this, almost two million people are expected to live in the Helsinki region by 2050.* This means that the number of homes must be increased. Kojamo is building approximately 1,800 homes, and we are constantly looking for new ways to create homes.

  • “The only way to increase the number of apartments in the city centre is to change the purpose of use of old buildings. This is why Kojamo also builds apartments in old office and industrial buildings, to make city centre living possible for anyone who should desire it,” says Nieminen.

Investment in urban housing through investment in new construction and renovation as well as the development of Lumo services together with partners are key to Kojamo’s strategy.

Companies are invited to express their interest in service development collaboration on the

*Population forecast for Helsinki

For more information, please contact:

Kojamo plc
Jani Nieminen, CEO, tel. +358 20 508 3201
Juha Heino, Director of Customer Relations, tel. +358 20 508 3704

Kojamo is the frontrunner in rental housing and real estate investments. It has undergone major renewals in recent years. The renewed Kojamo is able to provide better urban housing in a rapidly changing world. Kojamo is transforming Finnish society together with its customers, other companies and operators, and cities.