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18.10.2021 | News

High-quality Lumo wooden apartment buildings to be completed in Nöykkiö, Espoo – perfect homes for those who value a sustainable lifestyle

Two wooden apartment buildings are being built in Nöykkiönlaakso, Espoo. For these buildings, sustainability was already taken into account when making investment decisions and, above all, from the perspective of the overall resident experience.

Media release on 18 October 2021 at 11 a.m.

The new Lumo buildings in Nöykkiönlaakso are built on adjacent plots, at Nöykkiönlaaksontie 7 and Laidunmaanraitti 2. A three-storey wooden apartment building is under construction on Nöykkiönlaaksontie and a two-storey balcony access block is being built on Laidunmaanraitti.

The benefits of wood construction play an important role in making investment decisions

Wood construction is sustainable, and the sustainability aspect played an important role in the investment decisions related to the Lumo wooden apartment buildings in Nöykkiönlaakso.

The wooden apartment buildings in Nöykkiönlaakso are a response to the growing demand for wood construction and the megatrends of ecology and domestic production. Increasing the use of wood in construction supports low-carbon construction and is a means to reach both the targets set out in Finland’s energy and climate strategy and the targets of Lumo homes related to promoting low-carbon properties throughout their entire life cycle. Lumo homes’ target is a carbon-neutral property portfolio by 2030.

The carbon footprint of a wooden building is generally smaller than that of a concrete building when looking at carbon dioxide emissions throughout the life cycle of the building, from the manufacturing of the materials to construction, use and recycling. The carbon footprint calculation of Laidunmaaraitti 2 has already been completed, and the results show that the emissions from the building’s construction materials are lower and that the building, thanks to its wooden frame, sequesters carbon and acts as carbon storage throughout its life cycle. This is reflected in the carbon handprint of a wooden building, which is significantly larger than that of a concrete building of similar size. The calculation was carried out in accordance with the Finnish Ministry of the Environment’s carbon assessment method.

Lumo wooden apartment building – a sustainable lifestyle choice

Sustainability is also a big part of the resident experience of the wooden apartment buildings in Nöykkiönlaakso. Living sustainably is made possible by the location, material choices, space solutions and housing services.

In Lumo wooden apartment buildings, comfort of living is created by features such as apartment-specific ventilation, water-based underfloor heating, high-quality integrated and energy-saving kitchen fixtures, water- and energy-saving plumbing fixtures as well as tall windows that let in natural light.

Both buildings also have a wide range of common areas for residents: large laundry rooms, several saunas and club rooms. In the yard, there are shared flower beds and sauna cottages, a special feature of these properties. Lumo team activities also increase the sense of community in the building.

Sustainable mobility is supported by the wide range of services and outdoor recreation areas within walking distance. The area also has good public transport links. In addition, Lumo residents have access to a comprehensive car-sharing service, so there may not be any need for residents to have a car of their own.

The new homes at Nöykkiönlaaksontie 7 can be rented via the Lumo webstore

A total of 74 Lumo homes will be completed in Nöykkiönlaakso. Most of these homes are singles and two-room apartments, but the buildings also have about 10 three-room apartments for those in need of more space.

The homes will be ready to move into in March 2022 and can now be rented via the Lumo webstore:


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