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23.2.2017 | News

First Lumo Kompakti planned for Tikkurila in Vantaa

A new housing concept called Lumo Kompakti is currently being planned for Lauri Korpisen katu 8 in Vantaa. The rent for the apartment is more affordable than most on the market, while the apartment itself is larger than its size suggests.

Lumo Kompakti has been designed for the needs of urbanising Finland, especially the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. With an affordable overall rent, this alternative is welcomed by many, such as those relocating due to work.

Lumo Kompakti is a good housing option for those who appreciate efficient multi-use space and convenient connections to work, hobbies and services.

Compared to usual apartments, the space of Lumo Kompakti apartments has multiple uses: for instance, in a 30-square metre apartment, not a single one is wasted. The hotel-like foyer is sepa-rated from the bathroom-toilet and multi-use space with sliding doors, making the entrance spa-cious and easy to modify. With the sliding doors open, the entire space is accessible.

In addition, the multi-use space covering three square metres can be used as storage space, but it also has other possible uses, such as a sleeping alcove, guest room or a game room.

The first suitably located plot is at Lauri Korpisen katu 8 in Vantaa, next to Tikkurila train station. No parking places will be built on the plot of the building.

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