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13.2.2017 | News

First 1,000 tenancy agreements concluded via Lumo’s Kotinyt online service

When it comes to renting a home, what Finnish people value is convenience, speed and excellent customer service. Launched in late 2015, VVO Group’s Lumo Kotinyt online store was designed to meet these expectations and changed the role prospective tenants play in the rental process. As of today, 1,000 new tenants have rented their homes directly using the online service, which is quickly cementing its position in the Finnish lettings market. The service was updated in January and in addition to apartments already available, users can also rent Lumo rental apartments in advance.

“At the Lumo Kotinyt online store, customers can select their desired home, pay the first month’s rent and move in, sometimes even the next day. Customers can choose their own home directly without the involvement of a middle man and there is no need for a rental deposit,” explains Nina Silvonen, Sales Director at VVO.

The number of properties available to rent through the online service rose in January, as properties that are due to become vacant at a later date.

“Our customers have been extremely happy with this quick and convenient new method of renting a home. What they value most of all, however, is that they now have more power over the situation. Prospective tenants no longer need to complete an application and you can choose the apartment that best suits your requirements. In order for us to continue to meet our customers’ wishes even more accurately in the future and to respond to the increase in demand, we have decided to broaden the selection of properties on offer.

Satisfaction guarantee

Our satisfaction guarantee means that when you rent an apartment using the Lumo Kotinyt online service, you can cancel the agreement on your first visit, free of charge, if you feel that the apartment does not match the images and description provided online. Otherwise, the tenancy agreement will be valid for an initial period of three months, and will remain so indefinitely. The service offers the same opportunities for all prospective tenants, as a healthy credit rating is the only requirement for securing an apartment.

VVO Group received an honorary mention in the large corporations category of the Finnish Quality Innovation of the Year competition. The distinction was awarded in recognition of VVO’s Lumo Kotinyt online store, described as a unique rental housing service in Finland.

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