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7.3.2017 | News

Caretakers return to Lumo buildings in Helsinki Metropolitan Area

VVO Group and L&T have started a new operating model introducing a completely new kind of team of caretakers to take care of the property maintenance of Lumo buildings in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The Lumo caretakers take us back to a time when each individual building had its own caretaker. For the inhabitants of the buildings, the new operating model means smoother and more professional property maintenance.

The greatest change is that the team and its equipment are only responsible for VVO Group properties, and each Lumo caretaker is in charge of all property maintenance tasks at his or her assigned buildings. The team of Lumo caretakers keep the properties’ yards and common areas in shape and take care of any defects reported by residents as quickly as possible. The team comprises 28 caretakers and two supervisors. The team is in charge of the property maintenance of some 250 buildings in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

According to Pasi Kujansuu, Head of Unit at VVO Group, the operating model has essentially been tested and fine-tuned since last autumn.

“We aim to deliver the best possible customer experience and develop good places to live.” Good property maintenance creates the preconditions for convenient everyday life and positive customer experiences. The Lumo caretakers offer a comprehensive range of services related to property maintenance, and the residents will get to know them,” Kujansuu explains.

Interaction to improve results

It is essential that property maintenance is high quality and flexible and suited to the needs of the residents. One of the purposes of the new operating model is to bring property maintenance closer to the residents. A uniform code of conduct makes cooperation easier and enables the constant improvement of the operations.

“We want to develop our services to better meet the needs of our customers. By working together to develop and implement new operating models, we can achieve results that fit the set targets,” says Antti Niitynpää, Business Director of Property Maintenance at L&T.

“It is important to us that residents have good experiences of living in the property and that we can impact these experiences through our work,” he continues.

According to Niitynpää, the new operating model has been designed to keep the workload of each team member moderate, with rewards for good quality. Customer-oriented, top-quality property maintenance is grounded in the well-being and good working capacity of the caretakers.

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