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14.8.2017 | News

Artificial intelligence ensures that Lumo apartments are comfortable, regardless of the weather

Lumo buildings have started using the Leanheat system. The objective is to optimise buildings’ heating to decrease energy consumption and achieve comfortable and stable living conditions. Leanheat balances the buildings’ need for energy, which again decreases the carbon footprint.

Leanheat was implemented in ten Lumo buildings in Espoo, Vantaa and Tampere. In all, 200 apartments were fitted with sensors that monitor the temperature. The system’s artificial intelligence learns the characteristics of the buildings based on the actual measured temperatures.

The artificial intelligence also takes into account other data, such as weather forecasts. Leanheat not only reacts to changes in the temperature but also adjusts the heating in a predictive manner. Experiences in Lumo buildings were promising in many ways.

“The need for energy decreased in the buildings that participated in the pilot, and the temperatures in the apartments remained stable regardless of the weather conditions. Most of all, the system helps to improve comfort. Your apartment should be comfortable, no matter what the weather is like,” says Kimmo Rintala, Unit Director, Maintenance and Purchasing at Kojamo.

Stable heating control is pleasant for the residents. Better indoor air and healthier apartments are among the benefits provided by the system. The humidity sensors help keep track of the air conditioning and they detect any changes in the circumstances in good time.

The artificial intelligence learns, for instance, the consuming profile of domestic water and adjusts the heating to retain and release energy accordingly.

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