Sustainable Human Resource Management

Transparent operating models and methods, fairness and sustainable solutions are at the core of our responsible human resource management. We take good care of the performance and operating capacity of our personnel as a whole, and we also look after our employees as individuals. Group functions and tasks related to the rental and management of apartments are carried out by the company’s approximately 300 property industry professionals.

Our  employees are highly committed, which supports successful renewal and strong results. We take pride in our achievements and we are driven by seeing our work as meaningful, as well as by having clear goals and good development opportunities.

We provide both managers and employees with good opportunities for developing their competencies. Providing opportunities for continuous renewal and learning also ensures that we remain competitive in the face of changing circumstances in the future. Wellbeing at work is supported by flexible working hours and work arrangements, comprehensive occupational health services and diverse opportunities for sports and recreation.

Personnel at year end

Personnel in total298316
Women/men, %63/3762/38

Managerial work plays a key role

Group has defined three focus areas for managerial work: performance, attitude and feeling. Assertive managerial work helps us move towards our objectives in a goal-oriented and supportive manner. Everyone’s work has clear goals and expectations, and everyone receives guidance along the way.

Our emphasis on feeling in managerial work means that managers and supervisors must be caring, encouraging and motivating. They inspire people to participate and contribute by working hard while enjoying what they do. Group pays special attention to recognising successes and good performance. Like housing, work benefits from a strong sense of community. For this reason, it is important that we maintain a positive team spirit, an enthusiastic atmosphere and the drive to perform well together.

While we assess the impacts of our human resource management methods over the long term, we are also bold in trying new ideas and different ways of doing things. The future is created today, which is why our managerial approach emphasises guidance towards opportunities and solutions. The example set by managers and the strong support of colleagues help spread enthusiasm and a positive attitude in our organisation.