Responsible operations

Responsibility is one of our strategic priorities. We emphasise responsibility towards customers, our obligations as a contractor as well as clear communication to our shareholders about Kojamo’s corporate and social responsibility efforts and their progress.

We are committed to developing new and modern construction solutions, housing services and ecological innovations related to energy-efficient housing solutions. We operate openly and ethically and also require our partners to operate responsibly.

Read how responsibility can be seen in different aspects of our operations:

Corporate responsibility goals and operational development

We continuously develop our operations to make it easier for our stakeholders to assess our responsible ways of working and their results. Read more about corporate responsibility goals >

Stakeholder relations

We take our stakeholders into consideration in everything we do. We also want to influence other parties in the industry so that we can work together to create better urban housing. Read more about Kojamo’s stakeholder relations >

Development of sustainability reporting

We are continuing to focus on transparent sustainability reporting and, in 2020, we participated in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) survey for the first time. We report on our sustainability each year as part of our Annual Report.

Our sustainability report on the year 2019 marked the first time that we have applied the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework and the EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association) Sustainability Best Practices Recommendations (EBRA sBPR, 3rd edition). Read more about the development of sustainability reporting >

Towards lower-emission property development

Since 2016, we have implemented all of our new construction projects using our own plot reserves as near-zero energy buildings in accordance with the nZEB principles. Near-zero energy buildings represent approximately 80 per cent of all Kojamo projects completed since 2016 and almost 90 per cent of all properties under construction (30 June 2020).

Continuous improvement of energy efficiency

Kojamo has joined the Rental Property Action Plan (VAETS II) for the period 2017–2025. Our target under this action plan is to enhance the efficiency of energy consumption by 7.5 per cent during the period in question, using 2015 as the baseline (28,944 MWh/a in total). During the first three years of the period, 2017–2019, our energy efficiency measures have amounted to 21,255 MWh/a in total, which means that we had achieved 73 per cent of our 2025 VAETS target by the end of 2019.

Our energy efficiency measures have included Leanheat energy optimisation, new elevators and windows, the installation of low-consumption water fittings and adjustments to ventilation systems. Leanheat Oy’s AI-driven IoT solution controls the temperature of 29,000 apartments owned by Kojamo. We focus on managing the energy consumption of the buildings in our property portfolio. Read more about energy efficiency improvements >

Lumo, a responsible and environmentally friendly lessor

All of Kojamo’s properties use Helen’s hydropower-certified property electricity. We have also started to use carbon-neutral district heating at many of our properties. In 2019, Fortum’s carbon-neutral district heating was introduced at 79 properties. All residents of Lumo homes have the opportunity to use shared vehicles that are self-charging full hybrid cars. We aim to continuously develop recycling and offer comprehensive recycling opportunities to our residents.

We are a reliable lessor and develop rental housing in an innovative and responsible manner. We want our residents to have the best possible experiences of living in our properties. Our goal is to deliver the best customer experience.

We also focus on developing the environmental responsibility of our own operations. All Kojamo offices have been WWF Green Office certified since December 2019. Read more about our responsibility as a lessor >

Social responsibility and being a responsible employer

We ensure our future competitiveness through competence development and offer an employee experience that attracts the best talent in the industry. We also work continuously to promote our corporate culture and the well-being of our personnel. Read more about our corporate culture and personnel >

Responsible corporate citizenship

We pay all of our taxes to Finland and are committed to combating the grey economy throughout our supplier network.

We expect all of our permanent business partners and their procurement chains to commit to combating the grey economy and operating ethically in accordance with the Contractor’s Obligations Act and our Ethical Code. Read more >

Data protection and information security

Ensuring a high level of information security and data protection is of vital importance in all of our operations. We have an absolute obligation to look after the quality of personal data, its appropriate and responsible processing and data protection. Read more >

Value creation model aiming at sustainable development

We ensure our future operating conditions by managing the risks associated with our cooperation network, looking after the condition of our apartments, maintaining good tenancy relationships and developing innovative new services and ecologically sustainable urban structure. Kojamo’s value creation model >

Ethical Code

Kojamo’s operations are built on strong ethical principles, our Ethical Code. The Ethical Code applies to all units and functions and the Kojamo Group expects all current and future employees to adhere to these principles and conduct their duties in a responsible manner. Read more >

Procurement principles

The aim of our procurement activities is to facilitate effective and cost-efficient purchasing. We will observe sustainable principles in all our procurement and seek to conserve raw materials, energy and natural resources wherever possible. Read more >

Lumo sponsorship and grant programme

The Lumo sponsorship and grant programme supports top Finnish athletes as well as individual and team sports for young people. Launched in 2012, the programme promotes wellbeing through physical activity by awarding grants and sponsorship support to young, promising athletes. Read more >

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Manager, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
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