Privacy policy and security

Kojamo collects personal data from various sources. The data subjects include private customers, corporate customers, partners, stakeholders, supplies, employees and job applicants. On the internet, cookies and other online analytics can be used to collect data on website visitors. Personal data also changes and increases during a customer relationship, for example, or when the existing data is used and refined for the purpose of service customisation, for instance. We also ensure that the data is current and accurate by updating data using official sources and checking credit information from credit information registers.

Ensuring a high level of information security and data protection is of vital importance in all of Kojamo’s operations. The risks associated with new products, services and systems are assessed before their implementation. Personal data is processed carefully, in accordance with the relevant legislative requirements and in compliance with good data processing practices. Kojamo has also taken steps to prepare for exceptional circumstances such as potential breaches of information security. Effective data protection is important not only to fulfil legislative requirements but also to maintain a reliable reputation and a good customer experience. Kojamo complies with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation in all operations.

The Group’s most significant ongoing project is related to establishing built-in data protection operating models and culture of data protection throughout the Group.

Page updated 25 February 2020