Working Against Global Warming

Global warming has become the biggest challenge for humankind. While we have the chance to slow down and curb climate change, it will take concerted international effort and close cooperation between private and public sector operators. To make a real change, we need ambitious actions from individual businesses in addition to political decision-making. Preventing global warming is an important aspect of all business operations regardless of the industry or sector.

We joined the Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC) in 2015. CLC is a community of leading Finnish companies and organisations that encourages its members to find more sustainable ways to produce goods and services for consumers. The purpose of the Council is to improve the ability of Finnish businesses and research organisations to respond to the threats posed by climate change and to utilise related business opportunities.

We take the prevention of climate change into consideration in all of its business development. We want be ready to respond to the threats presented by climate change and the scarcity of natural resources while exploring the business opportunities created by these through building a better future for housing.


Our climate partnership with the City of Helsinki and business and industry is ongoing. We have agreed to be committed to combatting climate change through a number of specific actions: we have set concrete and measurable targets for reducing heating and water consumption as well as waste.