Far-reaching Environmental Work

The main environmental impacts of our operations have to do with construction and property maintenance. The most significant impact comes from the carbon dioxide emissions caused by our property stock’s energy consumption. This makes energy-smart building a key asset in our business operations.

We promote the sustainable use of natural resources by applying a life-cycle management model in construction and maintenance. Smart choices and decisions made during construction ensure ecological, economical and functional solutions that serve the building well throughout its life cycle for several decades.

We seek to alleviate the environmental impacts of energy consumption by using carbon-neutral energy for property electricity. District heating is used in 99 per cent of our properties.

Our target is an indoor temperature of 21(+/−1) degrees, in accordance with the Housing Health Guidelines issued by the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Approximately 30% of the heating energy purchased is spent on heating domestic water. For this reason, Group has implemented an operating model for the management of water consumption to ensure that water fittings are maintained and equipped with water-saving components in conjunction with the regular maintenance cycle, at intervals of 6–8 years.

Our environmental work does not mean we have to compromise on the quality of housing or on providing a healthy and secure living environment. Smart ventilation, for example, allows us to decrease our environmental load while improving indoor air quality.

We are constantly improving waste management and work towards offering better recycling facilities for our residents. Ensuring good health standards in housing is part of our environmental duty and a key tool in minimising housing costs. In the past few years, we have significantly increased the volume of data we gather to help us ensure energy-efficient settings in our properties and optimal indoor conditions in our apartments.

The Group has committed to following the Rental Property Action Plan (VAETS), which has started in 2017. Kojamo pursues energy savings of 7.5 per cent by 2025.

Environmental responsibility key figures

Heating energy, total consumption (GWh)307 302 313
Heat index, entire housing stock (kWh/rm3)36.337.7 36.8
Water, total consumption (Mrm2)3.03.0 3.1
Water consumption (l/rm2)347 344 346
Property electricity, total consumption (GWh)39.9 41.243.1
Property electricity, consumption (kWh/rm2)4.6 4.7 4.8
Carbon footprint (tonnes)*70,995
Emissions (kg, Co2/m3)7.9
Emissions (kg, CO2/day/apartment)5.6
*Kojamo’s carbon footprint report will be more comprehensive than before. The reported CO2 figures from previous years are not comparable with the carbon footprint reported in 2018.