Kojamo Group’s purchasing principles

Purchasing and its goals

The aim of our purchasing activity is to facilitate effective and cost-efficient purchasing. Our purchasing activities will reflect the continually shifting nature of markets and the ongoing developments and advances relating to technical specifications, service quality and costs. In selecting a provider, particular emphasis will be placed on how well the product or solution fulfils the requirements as set by the Kojamo Group.

Our purchasing takes place on a planned and continuous basis with regard to the selection process and the process of identifying product and service providers. Purchasing is defined as the acquisition of goods, services and immaterial properties. Kojamo Group’s purchasing is carried out at unit or department level in accordance with previously agreed roles and remits. Our purchasing activity is based on safe, sustainable, reliable and cost-efficient purchasing that takes into account the full lifecycle and processes of the products and services involved.

We will observe sustainable principles in all our purchasing and seek to conserve raw materials, energy and natural resources wherever possible. We will observe sound business practices at all times and operate in accordance with our own ethical principles in relation to all suppliers and contractors.

Decision-making powers

Staff are delegated powers to make purchases in accordance with the Kojamo Group’s decision-making arrangements. All purchasing activity will be carried out at unit or department level in accordance with our purchasing guidelines to ensure that the objectives set for purchasing are met.

Corporate responsibility

We observe all national laws and regulations as well as national and international treaties in all our activities and expect the same of our suppliers. Our purchasing principles and guidelines are based on Kojamo Group’s Code of Conduct, principles of good governance and anti-bribery policies. For further information, please refer to www.kauppakamari.fi or similar. Kojamo Group representatives involved in purchasing will not attend events organised by the bidders prior to the decision being made.

Kojamo Group undertakes to comply with RAKLI ry guidelines on the prevention of financial crime and workplace health and safety. We treat all our partners equally and promote ethically sustainable competition. Our suppliers’ business operations must not be excessively reliant on purchasing by the Kojamo Group or the operations of any single company.  As a rule, commissioning work from companies with which a Kojamo Group employee is closely associated through a close business, family or friendship relationship is prohibited.

Quality assurance

We undertake to monitor the quality and performance offered by our suppliers in the appropriate manner. We expect our suppliers to operate in a good, responsible and reliable manner. We ensure that our suppliers deliver high quality reliably by undertaking regular monitoring and collaboration and by using performance measurement tools for suppliers.

Corporate social responsibility

We require all our suppliers to observe national employment laws, ILO conventions and locally agreed collective agreements, whichever offer the best protection for workers’ rights. All our suppliers must ensure the health and safety of all their staff at all times.

Purchasing process and decision-making criteria

At Kojamo Group, all purchasing is carried out in accordance with good corporate practice and, as a rule, most purchasing activity will be subjected to competitive tendering. Whether a competitive tendering process is required, and the exact extent of such a process, will be determined by the value of the prospective purchase. All purchases will be made on the basis of formal offers submitted following a tender request. We will make use of the expertise of our legal counsel in all contractual matters.

Our selection criteria include the expertise offered by the bidder, reliability, responsibility, resourcing levels and competitive pricing.

Breaches of the principles

In the event that a supplier is found to be operating in breach of these principles, we reserve the right to discontinue our association with the supplier.

Supplementary purchasing guidelines

A set of Group-level purchasing guidelines has been drawn up on the basis of our purchasing principles. The guidelines offer more detailed information on the bidding and contracting process and apply to all purchasing. Detailed purchasing guidelines have also been put in place for specialist purchasing, such as property development.


These principles apply to all purchases carried out by the Kojamo Group, including purchases carried out by third parties at Kojamo’s instigation.

Adopting the purchasing principles

The Real Estate Development Director is responsible for Kojamo Group’s purchasing principles, and the content will be approved by the Management Team.

Page updated 31 August 2020