Anti-grey economy work

The anti-grey economy models used By Group exceed legislative requirements in many respects. We continuously monitor the fulfilment of contractor obligations for all of the companies in our supplier network (maintenance, repairs, and construction) through the Reliable Partner service at the website.

Group complies with the obligations of the Contractor’s Obligations Act in its procurements, and any party in our procurement chain or in a permanent business relationship with us must also commit to compliance with the Act, as well as the other components of our ethical code. Furthermore, the Group requires all parties in the procurement chain that are involved in renovation, new development and property maintenance to be members of the register, to not use illegal labour, to take care of their statutory social obligations, and to commit to achieving Group’s environmental objectives.

In addition to providing employment to its personnel, Group is a significant indirect employer as a purchaser and investor. The indirect employment effect of property maintenance, cleaning, and renovation and building contracting is total approximately 6,900 person-years.