Leanheat: always the right temperature

Leanheat’s AI-based IoT solution controls the indoor temperature of nearly 29,000 Kojamo-owned apartments. Using predictive intelligence, Leanheat’s solution adjusts heating according to the actual temperature inside the apartments as well as the weather forecast, preventing excessive heating.

The system allows for the property owner to regulate the balance between apartments more accurately than before. This has a significant impact on improving indoor air quality and making the apartments more comfortable for their tenants, while at the same time reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of buildings. Leanheat typically reduces heating costs by approximately 10 per cent.

Leanheat is a fully automated and self-learning system that optimises both individual buildings and entire groups of buildings in real time. It helps district heating companies make more efficient use of energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Page updated 21 August 2019