Lumo and VVO

Our consumer brands Lumo and VVO are our accommodation service solutions that offer good rental housing in growth centres around Finland.


Lumo provides good rental solutions and a growing range of housing services.

Lumo produces next-generation services for rental housing and gives tenants even more freedom of choice. The tenant makes the apartment his or her home and Lumo makes everything else as easy as possible.

Lumo has shifted decision-making power in rental housing to the tenant. The online rental apartment portal at Lumo webstore is quick and easy to use. It enables customers to choose and rent an apartment immediately.

In addition to flexible practices, Lumo offers tenants a range of benefits and services that can help them save money.

Before moving in

  • Personal service by a rental housing agent
  • An affordable rental deposit of just EUR 250
  • The option of relocation assistance and installation services in newly constructed and renovated buildings
  • Interior paints and painting supplies as required

During tenancy

  • Broadband Internet included in the rent
  • A pet-friendly environment
  • Invitations to tenant events full of surprises
  • Our quarterly customer magazine, Kodikas
  • Various discounts from our partners
  • Benefits for long-term tenants that can help them save money

VVO rental apartments

VVO homes offer accommodation according to cost principle rent determination You can search for a suitable VVO apartment and complete an application at service