Lumo brand for urban living

Our consumer brand Lumo is our accommodation service solutions and services that offer better urban living in growth centres around Finland.


Lumo offers tenants a range of benefits and services that can help them save money.

Before moving in

  • Personal service by a rental housing agent
  • An affordable rental deposit of just EUR 250, via Lumo webstore EUR 0
  • The option of relocation assistance and installation services in newly constructed and renovated buildings
  • Interior paints and painting supplies as required

During tenancy

  • Broadband Internet included in the rent
  • A pet-friendly environment
  • Invitations to tenant events full of surprises
  • Various discounts from our partners
  • Benefits for long-term tenants that can help them save money

VVO rental apartments

VVO homes offer accommodation according to cost principle rent determination You can search for a suitable VVO apartment and complete an application at service