Lumo business

Kojamo offers commercial rental housing services under the Lumo brand in the growth centres in Finland. As a frontrunner in rental housing, we are constantly developing new and innovative services for our tenants.

Kojamo’s had 35,802 rental apartments in its property portfolio at the end of the financial year 2020. Measured at fair value on 31 December 2019, 98.8 per cent of Kojamo’s rental apartments were located in the seven largest Finnish growth centres.

The Lumo business combines better urban housing with services developed and executed together with our partners. We want to offer our tenants the best customer experience possible. We have created our own service platform that gives the tenants an opportunity to join in on developing even better housing solutions.

The Lumo webstore allows for the customer to browse through our apartment offering and choose the most pleasing option of the free apartments. Through the webstore, the customer can rent the apartment immediately and move in the next working day.

Page updated 18 February 2021